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Products Lift height Weight Turning radius Engine performance Payload
Telehandlers - TH412
TH412 »
4.259 mm 2,700 kg 2,607 mm 29.6 kW 1,200 kg
Telehandlers - TH627
TH627 »
5,730 mm 5,000 kg 3,670 mm 55.4 kW 2,700 kg
Telehandlers - TH744
TH744 »
7,017 mm 9,000 kg 4,240 mm 100 kW 4,400 kg

Telescopic handlers from Wacker Neuson - powerful even at great heights

With a telescopic handler from Wacker Neuson, you are banking on a versatile piece of equipment that offers the perfect combination of maneuverability and performance. Whether in the warehouse or on the construction site, our telescopic handlers provide reliable support for your daily work. Thanks to an extensive product range, you are guaranteed to find the right loader for your needs with stacking heights of up to 5.7 meters! 

Flexible and agile up to the last angle

Our telescopic handlers are characterized by their special design and the drive technology used. With the help of the integrated all-wheel drive, you can maneuver your loader safely and easily even on rough terrain. Thanks to a low overall height, you can perfectly turn and move the working equipment in warehouses or halls with limited space in a small area. The small turning circle and the low centre of gravity provide additional manoeuvrability with maximum stability. By the way, our most agile model has a turning circle of only 2.3 meters.

The stable loading system also offers a high reach in the horizontal or vertical working area. Despite the compact design, our telescopic loaders provide you with an optimal view of the working environment and the tools used at all times. In this way, you and your employees not only work more efficiently and purposefully, but also more safely. Furthermore, you can significantly increase your turnover of goods with our telescopic loaders. This way you save time and costs! e.g.:

Powerful and versatile loaders

What would a modern telescopic handler be without modern technology and versatile equipment? Our forklift models, which are precisely adapted to different working environments, all have powerful hydraulics that allow payloads of up to 2.7 tons even at very high stacking heights. We achieve this enormous performance with particularly powerful diesel engines. At the same time, we do not neglect the safety of you and your employees. Telescopic handlers from Wacker Neuson are equipped with the intelligent VLS driver assistance system. If there is a risk of overload, the system switches on semi-automatically and prevents the loader from tipping over, for example, if the load is lowered too quickly. A further advantage: Even inexperienced drivers can operate Wacker Neuson telescopic loaders.

Cutting operating costs and protecting the environment

Modern machinery today is not only characterized by its special efficiency. Only through high energy efficiency as well as its reliability the construction machine becomes perfect. The engines of our telescopic handlers are optimized to combine high performance with low consumption and emissions. In this way, you not only protect the environment but also reduce your operating costs.

When power, versatility and efficiency are combined, there is only one answer: telescopic handlers from Wacker Neuson.