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PTS4H - 4-inch heavy duty trash pump for fast dewatering

PTS 4H trash pump
PTS 4H trash pump
PTS 4H trash pump
PTS 4H trash pump
Continuous minimum 24 hour run time
The PTS 4H diesel-powered self-priming centrifugal trash pump can move larger amounts of water for a variety of job sites. Able to pump up to 705 gym (2711 l/min) and solids up to 2in (50mm), this pumps ideal for dewatering excavations, utility vaults, mining works, swimming pools and barge holds.
  • Hardened ductile iron impeller and volute, with patented volute insert, for a rugged, easy-to-maintain pump that will stay on the job longer.
  • Thread-on mixed flow impeller design produces higher volume and head for increased pump performance.
  • Heavy duty frame with central lifting point and fork pockets combine pump and engine protection with easy transport.
  • Mechanical seal runs in oil bath to reduce maintenance and protect seal in dry conditions.
  • Hatz 1D81 Z air-cooled diesel engine with electric start

Additional features of the PTS 4H:
  • Integrated 100l long-range fuel tank;
  • Lockable battery isolator switch;
  • Diesel/water separator;
  • DSE control panel

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