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EZ53 Options

Wacker Neuson offers you preconfigured editions.

You can choose from the following editions:

Basic Machine
+ Cabin (standard)
+ Working lights front and rear
+ Long dipper stick
+ VDS (Vertical Digging System)
+ Proportional control aux. hydraulic. - AUX I
+ Preparation for Easy Lock - AUX IV
+ Counterweight
+ Diesel refueling pump
(transport weight (+/- 2%): 5,924 kg)

Basic Machine
+ Cabin (standard)
+ Working lights front and rear
+ Counterweight
+ Diesel refueling pump
+ Proportional control aux. hydraulic. - AUX I
+ Overload valve for aux. hydraulic - AUX I
+ Preparation for Easy Lock - AUX IV
+ Overload system Advanced
+ Control circuit grapple / AUX V
+ 3rd control circuit / AUX II
+ Long dipper stick
(transport weight (+/- 2%): 5,522 kg)

Please note that the equipment cannot be changed for preconfigured products!
Delivery times may vary (within EU about 10 business days ex work) - subject to prior sale.

Of course, you can also configure your product based on the following options:


  • Cabin (standard)
  • Exterior mirror (rear view)
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio pre-installtions
  • Air cushioned seat
  • FOPS roof level 1
  • FOPS roof level 2
  • Splinter protection (canopy)


  • Overload warning system Advanced (load holding valve boom, dipperstick and dozer blade)
  • Biological oil Panolin HLP Synt46
  • Proportional control aux. hydraulic - AUX I
  • 3rd control circiut - AUX II
  • Preparation Powertilt / AUX III
  • Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX IV
  • Control circuit grapple / AUX V
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Overload valve for auxiliary hydraulic - AUX I


  • Special paint machine in RAL (yellow parts only)
  • Special paint machine no RAL (yellow parts only)
  • Special paint of cabin or canopy RAL colours only


  • Security 24 C (2000)
  • Security 36 C (3000)
  • Security 48 C (4000)
  • Security 60 C (5000)

Assembled Attachments

  • Mechanical quick hitch system MS03
  • Easy Lock
  • Easy Lock with Powertilt
  • Easy Lock with Powertilt and load hook
  • Hydraulic quick coupler with load hook
  • Hydraulic quick coupler with load hook and Powertilt


  • Water-cooled PERKINS turbo-diesel engine, type 404D-22T, 4-cylinder, 2,216 ccm, net output acc. to ISO 36.4 kW (49.5 hp) @ 2,500 rpm (Level 3a)
  • EquipCare
  • VDS (Vertical Digging System)
  • ISO - SAE switchover
  • Rotating beacon standard
  • Working lights front and rear
  • Counterweight 300 kg
  • Diesel refueling pump
  • Driving signal
  • Long dipperstick  250 mm
  • KAT immobilizer system
  • Steel track 400 mm


VDS - Vertical Digging System

VDS enables progressive tilting of the superstructure by up to 15° with the push of a button, allowing the operator to compensate for slopes up to 27%. This makes precise vertical digging possible even on the most uneven of terrain. Cost-effectiveness and user comfort thus get a considerable boost.

EASY LOCK quick-hitch system - change attachments within 30 seconds:

Attachments can be changed fast without the driver needing to leave the cab.

backhoe bucket

face shovel

EASY LOCK + Powertilt

EASY LOCK quick-hitch system

HS 6 

Weight 84 kg
Max. operating pressure240 bar
Construction height 122 mm

EASY LOCK quick-hitch system + Powertilt

HS 6 P 

Powertilt typePT 7
Weight * 204kg
Turning angle180°
Max. operating pressure 240 bar

* lower lifting force values
Note: EASY LOCK is not available in Switzerland.

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