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Wheel Dumpers - Dual View Trucks

Safety redefined: the dual view provides for a comfortable and quick change of the seat position through a 180° turn of the entire operating and seat console. The rotation can be performed conveniently from the driver's seat by simply unlocking the seat console and turning it around. In this way, the operator always has the best view - during transportation, loading and unloading. Say good-bye to time-consuming turning and manoeuvring.

Products Payload Shipping weight L x W x H
Wheel Dumpers - Dual View Trucks - DV60
DV60 »
6,000 kg 4,002 kg 4,450 / 2,230 / 3,377
Wheel Dumpers - Dual View Trucks - DV90
DV90 »
9,000 kg 4,545 kg 4,622 / 2,420 / 3,382