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Ride-on Trowels

Would you like to screed large concrete areas? You can do that with ride-on trowels from Wacker Neuson. We offer you ride-on trowels with a screed diameter of 915 mm and 1,220 mm. We offer you optimal maneuverability here, making it easy for you to operate the trowels.

Products Troweling diameter
Ride-on Trowels - CRT36
CRT36 »
915 mm
Ride-on Trowels - CRT36-26A WK
CRT36-26A WK »
915 mm
Ride-on Trowels - CRT48-35L
CRT48-35L »
1,220 mm
Ride-on Trowels - CRT48 with joystick controls
CRT48 with joystick controls »
1,220 mm