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Wacker Neuson's Product Diversity Scores In GaLa

Classic jobs in horticulture & landscape design (GaLa) are the creation of ponds and green spaces as well as the construction of paths. These are also everyday jobs for Hartmut Hirschböck-Stein, an entrepreneur in Oranienburg, near Berlin, Germany. His landscape management company works exclusively with Wacker Neuson equipment and machines.

"I get all the equipment I need for my job sites at Wacker Neuson. Whether it is a rammer, a plate, a wheel loader or even an excavator, Wacker Neuson delivers everything. For instance, I need two plates and one excavator on my current site", says Hartmut Hirschböck-Stein. The job in Oranienburg involves constructing paths and the front garden. The GaLa company used Wacker Neuson's vibratory plates DPU 3050 and DPU 3060 to compact paving stones. Their integrated transport wheels guarantee maximum flexibility.

"The Wacker Neuson plate is extremely low maintenance, works without a problem and the service is always reliable", explains Hartmut Hirschböck-Stein, owner of Landschaftsbau H. Hirschböck-Stein. "The excavator 1404 is very easy to transport and a reliable piece of equipment on any job site. That is very important for us, since our customers expect the same from us."

With its five employees, it is a good place to go for all horticultural and landscaping work in the Oranienburg area. Hartmut Hirschböck-Stein is a long standing Wacker Neuson customer. As well as plates and excavators he uses the electric hammer EHB 9 for demolition work, the Wacker Neuson concrete cut-off saw BTS 1035 and the asphalt plate VP 1340 on his job sites.

"Wacker Neuson is the optimal partner for me. My point of contact, Mr. Röhlig at the Wacker Neuson location office Berlin Nord, always has the right solution. And I can hire any equipments if I am short of a particular machine. That's what I consider good customer service." continues Hartmut Hirschböck-Stein.