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Keeping an eye on safety

Safety on the jobsite is more then a trend, it is a reality – protecting your operators, protecting your jobsite and protecting your business is paramount to your success. Don’t be fooled, not all remote controls are the same.

Manufacturers work hard to ensure their machine designs offer the most advanced safety features.  That’s why Wacker Neuson developed the exclusive infrared-remote control system.  This patented and jobsite proven system offers huge safety advantages because the operator is required to maintain visual contact with the unit in order to control it. Requiring the operator to be visually alert to what is going on around the equipment significantly reduces the risk of anyone getting inadvertently injured.  This line-of-sight control combined with a built-in safety zone that stops the machine should the operator come within about six feet (two meters) of the machine makes Wacker Neuson’s remote control system the ultimate risk management package.

When comparing infrared controls to radio controls, contractors will find there is a difference when it comes to jobsite safety. Machines that use a radio control allow the operator to control the machine even if they cannot see it. This is a big safety risk on jobsites because the operator could unknowingly move the machine behind a structure or other obstruction and put another worker in danger.  Because they do not use a line-of-sight concept, the machine will also keep moving if the operator is distracted and turns away from the machine, putting him and other workers in harm’s way.

Additional advantages of infrared remote control

Use multiple machines with no interference

Because infrared controls do not rely on radio frequency, the risk of interference with other equipment is minimized.  Wacker Neuson’s 16-channel transmission allows multiple rollers to be operated on the same jobsite without the threat or interference with one another.  The infrared system is not subject to radio interference from other jobsite systems such as cranes, boom pumps and other radio control equipment.   

Accepted on all jobsites

Infrared remote controls accepted on more jobsites.   There is no conflict with regulations for construction sites near airports or other sites that may be sensitive to radio-control equipment causing transmission conflicts.

Safety and productivity go arm-in-arm

The concept of safety is growing beyond the traditional concept of protecting the operator from injury causing accidents.  It is expanding into overall jobsite safety, protecting everyone working on the jobsite, not just the operator.  Savvy contractors know that safety will enhance productivity, and for that reason they prefer to buy equipment that offers comprehensive operator and jobsite safety.

For over 20-years Wacker Neuson’s infrared remote control has been improving safety and productivity on the jobsites around the world and is available on a host of products used in confined areas where safe operation of equipment is paramount.