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Site Reports

  • Keeping an eye on safety

    Safety on the jobsite is more then a trend, it is a reality – protecting your operators, protecting your jobsite and protecting your business is paramount to your success. Don’t be fooled, not all remote controls are the same.

  • Really fit to be tied

    Wacker Neuson's rebar tier DF 16 replaces conventional pliers to bind rebar steel extremely fast and efficiently. Therefore the steel fixing company Fischer put the rebar tier to the test. The result: a perfectly tied rebar, delighted steel fixers.

  • External vibrators used in construction of Spanish high-speed rail link (AVE)

    Wacker Neuson ensures top quality concrete in the tunnel extension along the Málaga - Antequera - Granada rail link.

  • Demanding Job For External Vibrators In Power Plant Construction

    The German consortium Neubau KW in Lünen, Germany, successfully relied on Wacker Neuson's concrete technology for concreting a turbine platform. In 2008, work started on a modern coal-fired power plant in Lünen, Westphalia. The contracting consortium of Heitkamp und Züblin relied on Wacker Neuson's advice and high-quality equipment for concreting the turbine platform. This helped them achieve superior results in a very short space of time.