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Industrial flooring specialist Ready Betontechnik chooses Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson’s customer of many years, Ready Betontechnik, an industrial flooring specialist operating across the whole of Europe, recently produced over 2,200 square meters of floor installation and smoothing for a production and warehousing facility in Lauterecken near Kaiserslautern. The efficient floor smoothing and polishing work was carried out using the Wacker Neuson power trowels CRT 36 and CRT 48, which provide exceptionally high performance and user friendliness.

In the commercial region of Lauterecken near Kaiserslautern, the quality-orientated specialist company from the Hessian town of Bürstadt has already installed and smoothed 20,000 square meters of industrial flooring. Wacker Neuson is a reliable partner for this work. The operational and user-friendly concrete power trowels in the modern CRT series are exactly the right tools for reliable industrial floor smoothing.

“The benefits of the new CRT series correspond to our high requirements for quality, efficiency and operational friendliness. The power trowels in series CRT 36 and CRT 48 which we used provide precise smoothing and polishing results on large concrete areas and on concrete floors with the highest flatness requirements. This was exactly what was required in Lauterecken. We have had nothing but the best of experiences with Wacker Neuson equipment! The automatic, variable special coupling guarantees the correct motor torque with the specific rotor speed required for the hardening state of the concrete. We can therefore work particularly efficiently and precisely”, says authorized representative Vait Kaya, Ready Betontechnik.

A further operational friendliness feature is another benefit of using the Wacker Neuson ride-on and high-performance power trowels. The “control assistant” enables particularly energy-saving and precise steering of the power trowel and therefore prevents the operator from tiring too quickly. 

Ready Betontecknik was also impressed by Wacker Neuson’s professional customer service. “Regular contact with our customers and uncomplicated rapid support resulted in complete satisfaction. The requirements of our customers are always our central focus", says Bernhard Hessler, customer advisor at Wacker Neuson from the independent branch office in Maxdorf, Ludwigshafen. 

“In addition to the optimal value and high standards of operational and environmental friendliness, the maximum reliability and quality of Wacker Neuson construction equipment and the excellent service are the main benefits of our many years of collaboration with Wacker Neuson”, says Vait Kaya, authorized representative of Ready Betontechnik. “We trust Wacker Neuson as a specialist manufacturer and complete supplier and benefit from the proximity to our contact partner, who fulfils our requirements in a superior way. 

The company Ready Betontechnik is an industrial, reinforced concrete and steel fiber flooring specialist operating across the whole of Europe. The successful company produces around 500,000 square meters of flooring a year with 14 members of staff. In 2011 alone, 241,000 square meters of industrial flooring were processed in Austria. This included "in-house” work for the new Wacker Neuson site near Linz, which will open in May 2012 according to schedule. Wacker Neuson CRTs were of course used for the project!