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Vibratory Plate DPU 130 In Action On A9 Freeway Site

The Steicher Group relies on the world's most powerful vibratory plate for the construction of a new direct ramp at the A9/A92 freeway interchange: Wacker Neuson's DPU 130.

Just outside Munich, Germany, and scheduled for completion in October 2011, a new direct ramp to link the A92 freeway, leading from Munich airport, with the A9 freeway in the direction of Schwabing, Munich is being built. The German construction firm Max Streicher used the DPU 130 with its strong compaction force to carry out the necessary compaction work on the new bridge.

"When you think of the kind of traffic volumes a freeway bridge has to withstand, it is vital that each single back-fill layer is extremely well compacted. The DPU 130's with its excellent compacting performance is just right for this kind of job", says Marco Kaltenecker, Streicher's project manager. "As well as the outstanding compaction performance the fast operating speed and remote control are also great advantages."

The two most important factors when choosing machines for the kind of major construction sites Steicher works on are: reliable, durable equipment and excellent performance. The DPU 130 delivers both. High-quality materials coupled with the performance of a 7-t roller ensure outstanding compaction and a long service life. An overall area of 5,000 m2 per section needs to be compacted for the construction of the new bridge. In each of the planned four sections 24 back-fill layers are added and compacted one by one. With its 130 kN centrifugal force the DPU 130 compacts the area easily and extremely fast.

The DPU 130 is the perfect solution for jobs in statically sensitive environments, like bridges, where the use of heavy equipment such as rollers is impossible: The vibratory plate is very light in comparison to rollers and extremely agile. That is also an advantage when transporting the machine – it gets from site to site fast, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The operator can work the vibratory plate from a distance with the reliable Smart Control infrared remote control. As well as making operation very comfortable, it also enables maneuvers such as cornering and spot compaction. In addition, the operator is protected from hand-arm vibrations, exhaust fumes and dust. That makes the DPU 130 extremely safe and operation is very easy, because it can be started with a simple push of a button on the remote control. "That is very practical and a great advantage to conventional vibratory plates," says Mr. Kaltenecker. Theft protection is built in, and there is no key to be lost or mislaid. A construction period of two years has been scheduled for the redevelopment of the freeway interchange Neufahrn near Munich. That is plenty of time for Streicher to work with a number of Wacker Neuson products. "Wacker Neuson is very good value for money", continues Marco Kaltenecker, "and their service is consistently first-class. They are immediately on site if there is a problem." As well as the DPU 130, a number of small and medium Wacker Neuson vibratory plates are part of Streicher's machine park.