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Site Reports

  • Reliability and flexibility: Wacker Neuson as a strong partner.

    The construction site on the A4 highway near Vienna is currently one of the largest in Austria. Especially near the Vienna airport, the eastern highway is particularly frequented with around 65,000 vehicles daily and growing.

  • Out with the old, in with the new for a family owned company

    Since 1974, DeLuca & Hartman Construction, of Waukesha, Wisconsin has been in business providing landscape and snow removal services for industrial and commercial properties, along with a growing business maintaining and repairing parking lots with asphalt or concrete surfaces. Owner Mario DeLuca Sr. has a long history of building the family business, being frugal and only buying new equipment when necessary.

  • An Efficient Change of Direction

    Few modern-day structures match the grandeur or complexity of Hoover Dam. The American Society of Civil Engineers rates it as one of America’s seven modern civil engineering wonders. Standing 724 feet tall and 660 feet at its widest point, the dam draws nearly 1 million tourists annually.

  • Vibratory Plate DPU 130 In Action On A9 Freeway Site

    The Steicher Group relies on the world's most powerful vibratory plate for the construction of a new direct ramp at the A9/A92 freeway interchange: Wacker Neuson's DPU 130.