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Getting the work done and operate environmentally and user friendly as well as economically efficient at the same time.

Wacker Neuson is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a wide range of electrically powered construction machinery and equipment.

Impressive performance

  • Degree of efficiency of electric motors: 94 to 97%
  • Minimum loss of power (exhaust fumes and heat) compared to conventional drives
  • At least the same performance as conventional machines

Convincing economic efficiency

  • Overall operating costs much lower
  • Electric motors are virtually maintenance-free
  • Maximum flexibility in application

New areas of applications

  • Ideal for indoor renovations
  • In sensitive areas, such as residential areas, schools, hospitals, public buildings
  • In gardens and parks, inner city construction sites with emissions restrictions

Comprehensive end user and environmental protection

  • End users are protected against exhaust fumes and noise emissions
  • Environmentally friendly work without exhaust fumes

The KARL Group, a long time customer of Wacker Neuson, relies on the zero emission products in the rehabilitation of the Olympic swimming hall in Munich.

While the first of two areas is being reconstructed, the other parts of the building will remain open at the same time as the renovation work, which is a major challenge for all those involved. Therefore, it needs machines that work with less noise and emission free.

Tamara Zettl, Bauleiterin bei KARL-Bau

„We were very surprised: The electric wheel loader WL20e has as much power as a different powered device and was running seven hours non-stop. At night, when no work was done, we could easily charge the battery.“
Tamara Zettl, Bauleiterin bei KARL-Bau GmbH

Equal performance is a real engineering achievement

Electrically driven construction machines are still a rarity. The reason for this is the technical challenge to deliver just as much power as combustion engines with emission-free electrical drive systems.

Our engineers have put themselves in the process to face that challenge - universities, battery manufacturers as well as suppliers have been integrated in the development. The result: very compactly designed electric drives, which have an enormous power density.

  • Very high efficiency of the electric motors: 94 to 97%
  • Admitted energy is largely transfered to work performance: only minimal power loss compared to conventional machines
  • High power density in relation to the size of the equipment

Improving daily work and cost reductions

Wacker Neuson products are designed to make your day-to-day work easier - and also relieve you economicaly. An important point: operating costs. The zero emission products take account of this objective on a daily basis, as well as for the entire life cycle of the equipment.

  • Electric motors do not have to be serviced and have hardly wear parts, which would have to be exchanged regularly. This means for you: reduced service times as well as lower costs for spare parts and service time.
  • Total operating costs are significantly lower than those of conventional machines: energy costs are a large part of this.
  • With zero emission products, you are well prepared for the future - and independant of the fuel price development.

The appropriate services for your company.

If you need us, we are there: competent, fast and also directly on your construction site. After all, you should be able to concentrate on your daily business. Also when it comes to zero emission solutions, you can always rely on our various service offers and personnel.

  • Individual financing conditions
  • Interesting rental offers to test the zero emission solutions
  • Quick repair of electric motors

Win-Win for users, residents and companies

The user always in mind - we take that seriously at Wacker Neuson. They are the ones who work with our products all day long. The exhaust gas pollution is a very central issue - which is a thing of the past with zero-emission solutions. For example, these products meet all emission standards and stringent tender criteria.

  • User and residents protection: operators and residents are protected against exhaust fumes and emission-free products are also quieter than conventionally operated machines.
  • Opening up new areas of application: with the zero emission series, you can also work in the interior and in sensitive areas.
  • Environmental awareness has increased in many areas. This also applies to the construction industry, as shown by the increase of solar systems on company and private houses. The use of zero emission products is another environmentally friendly facet that will be implemented in the future.