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5001 - The role model

5,000 kg payload, swivel-tipping skip as standard and a top speed of 25 km/h make it the role model in its class. It is always ready to lead the way with its power and exceptional agility: It finds a way even through the toughest terrain and heavily laden, thanks to its split undercarriage with center-pivot steering, thus carving a path to maximum productivity.
  • Low maintenance hydrostatic four-wheel drive.
  • Swivel tipping skip, up to 2,700 l skip capacity (heaped); maximum payload 5,000 kg.
  • Large service and maintenance access (through hinged one-piece engine hatch).
  • Center-pivot steering with integrated hose guide for optimal protection.
  • A top speed of 25 km/h gets transport jobs done fast.
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