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4001 - The four-wheel pro

Shifts up to 4,000 kg payload quickly and efficiently and then dumps the load with the spot on precision of the standard swivel-tipping skip. Guaranteed to get things going on the building site.
  • Low maintenance hydrostatic four-wheel drive;
  • swivel tipping skip (standard), large-volume, robust and hard-wearing skip design; standard skip capacity of up to 2,550 l (heaped).
  • With high ground clearance and a top speed of 21 km/h transport jobs get done fast.
  • Maximum payload 4,000 kg
  • More of a speedster: the 4001s Speed Version gets up to 25 km/h!

Hydrostatic all-wheel drive

  • total focus on the job, no busy shifting of gears
  • one central hydraulic engine drives both axles via a cardan shaft
  • hydrostatic braking effect as soon as the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal
  • low-wear drive for reduced service and maintenance costs
  • controlled delay for regulated switching, thus no abrupt change of drive
  • accelerate from 0 to maximum speed of 28km/h without traction loss
Hydrostatischer Allradantrieb
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