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2001 - Swivel tipping skip as standard

Wacker Neuson 2001 wheel dumper in action
Wacker Neuson 2001 wheel dumper in action
With its 2,000 kg payload, optional a self-loading system and an optional skip with a dumping height of only 2.65 m the four-wheel dumper 2001 is top-of-the range, in every respect. It simply moves better.
  • Standard swivel tipping skip, self-loading system (optional); skip with lower dumping height - 2,550 mm (optional); maximum payload 2,000 kg.
  • Hydrostatic twin-lock four-wheel drive.
  • Continuously variable speed up to 21 km/h max.
  • Large service and maintenance access.
  • Clearly laid out instrument panel and wide, robust leg protection.

Twin Lock-Drive System

On highly uneven surfaces, one wheel loses traction at some point and rotates freely. The Twin Lock all-wheel drive system from Wacker Neuson responds quickly: as each of the four wheels has its own hydraulic motor, power is always optimally distributed.

  • All-wheel drive with its own hydraulic motor
  • Easy maintenance and cost savings because no changing of gear oil and brake fluid is necessary

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