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BS50-4s, BS60-4s - Four-cycle rammer: Long service life and low oil consumption

BS50-4s, BS60-4s
BS 60-2i and BS-50-4; example of possible application
BS50-4s, BS60-4s-thumb
BS 60-2i and BS-50-4; example of possible application
The outstanding features of Wacker Neuson's four-cycle rammers are the compact design and strong performance. The long shoe stroke, high percussion rate and high stroke energy combined with fast advance travel achieve excellent results.
  • Engine with ample reserve: Under normal operating conditions the robust WM 100 engine functions well below its maximum capacity, protecting the engine and thus increasing its service life.
  • Low oil protection: An LED indicator lights up if the rammer is started with insufficient oil levels, and the engine shuts down automatically after 10 seconds to prevent engine damage.
  • Three-stage air filtration system with cyclone prefilter: High filter capacity thanks to premium quality. Easy access to servicing points.
  • Simple operation of two and four strokers: The integrated fuel valve in the throttle means that there is only one lever for acceleration and shut-off.
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