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Wacker Neuson Helped Hangzhou Government to Fight against the Flood and Deal with the Emergency Quickly

On July 31th, when a tunnel boring machine dug the tunnel in a subway construction building site, the riverbed above the tunnel collapsed and the river water rushed into the site and submerged all the construction machines. Hangzhou government and municipal committee initiated a contingency plan immediately and allocated 25 dewatering pumps to the building site. Of the 25 pumps, 7 pumps were Wacker Neuson PT 6LT centrifugal trash pumps and 15 pumps were Wacker Neuson PTS 4V centrifugal trash pumps. The water was all drained after three days of continuous fighting, and reduced the losses to a minimum.

Wacker Neuson PT 6LT centrifugal trash pumps play a key rolein the drainage work

Wacker Neuson PTS 4V centrifugal trash pumps draining the water from subway building site

On July 31th, at 11 a.m. the riverbed above the Hangzhou subway tunnel under construction collapsed and the entire jobsite including all the construction machines were submerged by river water. Hangzhou authorities drew up a  contingency plan at once – 1) stop the water flow at both ends of the river to prevent the building site from further water intrusion and meanwhile 2) allocate the dewatering pumps to drain the water in the subway tunnel.

Since the accident happened in a subway building site with very complicated jobsite surroundings, characteristics that make it very difficult for large dewatering equipment to get in close. Furthermore, the distance from the subway site to the upper ground is more than five-floors in height. High-power pumps were needed to lift the water up to the ground above. fifteen Wacker Neuson PTS 4V centrifugal trash pumps were selected to drain the water in the subway site. PTS 4V centrifugal trash pump is compact, strong, and versatile. Moreover, witha maximum output power of 11.9kW and maximum discharge capacity of 160m2/h, PTS 4V centrifugal pump can quickly move the water thus reducing the loss of construction equipment on the site.
Seven more powerful Wacker Neuson PT 6LT centrifugal trash pumps were used to deal with the huge volume of water at the riverbank. With a maximum output power of 23.7kW and maximum discharge capacity of 296m2/h, PT 6LT centrifugal trash pumps can drain away the water on  the river bank quickly and efficiently, which ensured that the building site would not be flooded a second time.                                         
It was raining heavily during the drainage work, but the Wacker Neuson technicians and dealers kept fighting against the flood to help Hangzhou government reduce its financial loss. The entire site dewatering lasted more than 65 hours. While other companies’ pumps had stopped working, twenty two Wacker Neuson centrifugal trash pumps showed excellent stability – they never stopped for a single minute, even during refueling.