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Tamping, compacting gravel, changing thresholds - Strube track construction relies on Wacker Neuson

Tie tamping, coarse gravel compaction, tie replacements - these are the main tasks of Strube Gleisbau in Buchholz near Hamburg. The company relies on the gasoline hammers by Wacker Neuson here, because they offer the ideal combination of percussion rate and power for the special requirements on the track.

"The tie tampers by Wacker Neuson are very convenient and easy to transport," says Olaf Bach, site foreman and workshop director at Strube Gleisbau. "My employees also confirm this for me and they use the equipment for many hours a day." Due to their compact design, the Wacker Neuson gasoline hammers are lighter and more convenient than other equipment. They can be carried comfortably, because they are perfectly balanced.

Strube Gleisbau has been working with machines and equipment from Wacker Neuson for over ten years. The 45 employees work on construction sites from Schleswig-Holstein to Göttingen and Magdeburg. Track construction and maintenance are the main business fields. On occasion, the company also handles orders in the area of cable installation. "For track construction work, ten gangs with 30 to 40 machines are usually in action on a construction site," explains Olaf Bach. "Most of our orders deal with immediate measures in maintenance operations. This is where the Wacker Neuson machines are used: The two 1703 excavators are used for replacing the ties, the gasoline hammers are used for tamping and the coarse gravel compaction is taken care of with the vibratory plates DPU 4545 and DPU 1850."

Railroad ballast must always be reworked to maintain the railway network. The tamping requires a gentle force, because the ballast must not be damaged during tamping. However, a certain percussion rate is required so that the ballast is properly compacted. The track construction hammers by Wacker Neuson combine these requirements with 1,350 impact blows per minute with 55 joules of single stroke impact energy: Railroad ballast is therefore optimally compacted without being damaged. Another plus for Wacker Neuson track construction hammers are the low hand-arm vibrations. This is ensured by the proven full hood spring mounting, which assists the operator in his work. Together with the good power to weight ratio of 25 kg, the Wacker Neuson equipment offers the optimal conditions for working on the track. 

"The Wacker Neuson equipment is generally very reliable. We take care of the machine inspections ourselves. But the spare parts supply from Wacker Neuson is also top notch", confirms Bach. In addition to the Wacker Neuson equipment, the Strube Gleisbau fleet also includes three trucks, 14 track vehicles with trailers, one 50-ton crane, two rail-road excavators, one mini-excavator, one Kramer Allrad 950 wheel loader and about 50 hand-held machines.

Bach adds: "The employees are absolutely satisfied with the machines. Some teams do not even want to give up their machine for inspection."