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Teamwork builds successful partnership between manufacturer, dealer and customer’s expanding business

People love their plumber when their plumber is Done® Plumbing and Heating, in Aurora, Colorado. Done® Plumbing and Heating feels so strongly about customer satisfaction that they do a “Happy Check” on every customer minutes after the completion of every service call. So when they realized that subbing out their excavating service was not making customers happy, they decided to bring their excavating service in-house. And they looked to Faris Machinery, in Commerce City for the machinery they needed, because experienced sales rep Rick Finamore knows that businesses buy from people who understand their business.

To explore their requirements and determine which machines would best meet their needs, Finamore brought top executives from Wacker Neuson to Done® Plumbing and Heating to meet with Michael Hessel, General Manager, and Mike Nichols, Excavation Manager. Wacker Neuson’s Marcus Auerbach, Director of Compact Equipment and Gary Cline, Regional Manager, analyzed the size of the job and left a demo machine on site for two weeks.

Done® Plumbing and Heating purchased a Wacker Neuson 8003 compact excavator – the first machine in a fleet that will include 10 excavating crews by the end of 2012. Faris Machinery and Wacker Neuson made an unbeatable combination: the Wacker Neuson 8003 won over the competition with its power, 14-foot digging depth, thumb attachment, visibility, and ease of operation. 

Dependability was critical to Done® Plumbing and Heating. When a job calls for excavation, in 60-80% of cases there is a crisis – the toilet isn’t flushing or the pipes are broken. Since almost half of excavation work leads to additional work inside the house, customer satisfaction is critical to Done® Plumbing and Heating’s growth plans. A Wacker Neuson machine has the power and diggability to get the job done under all conditions.

Hessel was surprised and pleased by how quickly Finamore returned calls and got him the information he needed to make an informed decision. “We called other companies and never heard back from them. And forget trying to find out the price of a machine. Rick was great to deal with.”

Done Plumbing and Heating used the first excavator, the 8-metric ton 8003, model so extensively and with such great results, they quickly decided to expand their fleet. They added the Wacker Neuson, 5-metric ton, 50z3 with a zero tail swing design to the fleet.  This compact excavator offers excellent maneuverability. When revolved, the tail, or back side of the unit, does not project over the width of the tracks, making it ideal for confined residential applications.

Faris Machinery has been a Wacker Neuson dealer for over 40 years. Excellent product and application knowledge helped them select the best machine to meet Done® Plumbing and Heating’s unique job demands. And, Faris’ field and shop service will keep the machine running and on the site. Faris sells and rents machines, stocks parts, and has a 24/7 service department. Faris is a leader in the industry.