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Wacker Neuson worldwide

Wacker Neuson is represented all over the world. Over 12,000 sales and service partners take care of you and are your local contact for all questions. 

Here, we are taking a look at the bigger picture. You will see where you can find Wacker Neuson - outside of your own region. The Wacker Neuson machines are used worldwide; and as diverse as the countries, as diverse are the challenges and applications for the equipment. 

Read more about the countries where Wacker Neuson machines have a long history, where the rammers from Wacker Neuson are used as a synonym for compaction and how the machines are used for different, country-specific applications. Photos of special applications, background reports and interviews will give you an exciting insight into different regions all over the world.

Wacker Neuson machines are currently being used in Mexican agriculture for the Agave harvest.

Wacker Neuson in Latin America

Wacker Neuson has been represented in Latin America the area for over 40 years with its own affiliates: In Brazil, the company started in 1975; Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru followed later on. Read more about the exciting developments in Latin America and the potential for growth for Wacker Neuson in the region.

Wacker Neuson in North America

In 1957, Wacker Neuson began the production and marketing of construction equipment in the US, which was the company's first foreign affiliate.

Wacker Neuson in Germany

The roots of Wacker Neuson lie in Germany, where the company was founded in 1848. He has continued to make a global impact on soil compaction until this day. A good 85 years later, Wacker Neuson in Germany is considered a reliable solution provider with its wide product range and individual services.

Wacker Neuson in France

2015 is an anniversary year for Wacker Neuson in France. The French sales company was founded in 1960. Customers are convinced by Wacker Neuson’s continuity and quality here.

Wacker Neuson in Switzerland

In Switzerland the Wacker Neuson brand stands for the highest quality, performance, customer focus and flexibility.

Wacker Neuson in Russia

The expansion of the infrastructure and various other projects in the energy sector make Russia a growth market with huge potential.

In Namibia

The compact 5-ton, 50Z3 Zero Tail swing excavator is used to excavate for the infrastructure, for example pipelines, to a village in the Namibian desert.

In Mexico

The Wacker Neuson machines are used for an exotic application in Mexico. The dumper 1501 is used to transport agave plants through the fields. Agave syrup is extracted from the heart of the agave, also called the “Piña“, for manufacturing tequila.

Wacker Neuson in South Africa

Wacker Neuson has already been represented here for more than 30 years.

In India

Wacker Neuson rollers are used to compact the foundations for the housing project "Sun City Gloria" in Bangalore, India.

In Chile

Boulders and scree as far as the eye can see. The cabin dumpers from Wacker Neuson are at home here in Chile. The high ground clearance offers enough latitude to work in rough terrain and, thanks to the cabin, the operator is protected from dust and other influences.

Wacker Neuson in the Netherlands

Since 50 years in the Netherlands - almost everyone knows the brand.

In China

Known around the world: The Wacker Neuson internal vibrators are also used in China for concrete compaction. The strong performance is simply convincing and the result is ideal compaction.

Wacker Neuson in the Philippines

Dealer partner Livan Trade Corporation on over 25 years of cooperation.

In Peru

Four Wacker Neuson 3503 excavators are currently in use for a mining company in Salinas in the South of Peru. They work at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters in the Andean Mountains — and do an outstanding job there. They are used mainly for the production of borax, a mineral which is used for the production of glass, cosmetic products and glass fiber mats and insulations.