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Over 80 years ago, Hermann Wacker succeeded in inventing an innovation that has impacted construction sites in the world until today: the rammer.

Even then the customer was at the center of the development work. And nothing about that has changed to this day. Wacker Neuson has the claim of developing innovative products that create a real added value for the customer and make the customer's processes more efficient.

Innovation therefore has a long tradition at Wacker Neuson and is the reason for the over 160-year success story. The entire company culture and development is characterized by a spirit of innovation, which is perceptible throughout the group. The most important criteria are always safety, economic efficiency, comfort and eco-friendliness.

Actively influence the future

Just as Wacker Neuson formed and changed the construction industry in the past, it is also important to the company today to shape the future and provide innovative contributions.

People at Wacker Neuson, for example, deal with the topics of energy efficiency, alternative drives, driver assistance systems and the "Internet of things," which has the goal of more strongly linking the real and digital world. "People" here refers to each individual in the company. Each employee can offer their own ideas and knowledge, because Wacker Neuson supports initiatives.