Rebar tier DF 16 in use on site

Rebar Tier DF16: Intelligent rebar tying

The DF16 rebar tying device from Wacker Neuson provides relief that pays off, because the mechanically operating device has a proven tying technique for up to 1,000 uniformly twisted and tight knots per hour. Tying rebar with pliers in a stooped position is a thing of the past, as the DF16 is easy to operate with just one hand in an upright position. A professional device for classic work on reinforcement as well as for securing plastic pipes for component activation.

Rebar tier DF 16 tie twists

Twisting with straight movement

  • Compared to traditional tying with pliers, the finger-hand-arm apparatus is made significantly easier because no twisting motion of the hand is required for tying the wires. Working with the DF16 greatly reduces physical strain.
Rebar tier DF 16 tying the reinforcing steel

1000 knots per hour

  • The operator is able to manage large areas in the shortest time with the help of the device.
Rebar tier DF 16 in use on site

Long handle

  • The long handle allows the operator to work in an upright position, allowing the operator to adopt an ergonomic posture that is easy on the back.

More Features

Mechanical Rebar Tier

Can be used horizontally and vertically

  • The DF16 can be used very flexibly for the twisting of reinforcements for both ceilings and walls.
Magazine of the rebar tier DF16

Magazine with 77 single ties

  • There is no need to cut the binder while working, which saves time.
  • No wire waste is created by cutting the binding wire. Time spent removing wire waste between reinforcing grids is eliminated and the risk of concrete surface quality defects due to visible embedded wire waste is prevented.
  • The magazine can be refilled in a few simple steps.
Illustration economic efficiency

Robust mechanical device concept:

  • The device operates completely mechanically, which means no battery charging time or costly battery replacements.

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