Remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r

Remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r: Powerful compaction force, economically applied

The DPU130r is the strongest vibratory plate on the market. With a centrifugal force of 130 kN and an operating width of 120 cm, it easily achieves the productivity of a 7-t roller – however, because of its lower acquisition and operating costs, it is much more economical. Wacker Neuson developed this remote-controlled plate for heavy-duty applications. This new design was immediately recognized with two innovation awards.

Remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r in action

Most powerful compaction performance on the market

  • The DPU130r is the vibratory plate with the highest compaction power on the market. It can process high lifts, which saves passes. This allows compacting large areas in a short time.
Illustration economic efficiency

Economical alternative to the roller

  • The DPU130r achieves a higher compaction performance per hour than a 5-ton roller and is therefore significantly more economical in terms of labor costs. The higher forward travel speed of rollers is compensated for by the better depth effect of the vibratory plate, as this reduces the number of passes necessary.
  • The DPU130r has significantly lower costs for acquisition, operation and maintenance than medium-weight rollers. In light of this, the DPU130r is a very sensible economic alternative, even compared to the rollers of the 7.5-ton class, which achieve a slightly higher compaction performance per hour.
Illustration remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r turning of curve

Variable, precise control

  • The fully hydraulic, variable exciter adjustment allows the machine to be controlled very precisely. Changes in direction with simultaneous travel are possible, allowing for clean turns and a high surface performance.
Infrared remote control of the remote controlles vibratory plates DPU80r, DPU110r, coupling set, DPU130r

Infrarot-Fernsteuerung mit bewährten Sicherheitsmerkmalen

  • Die Nahfelderkennung schaltet das Gerät ab, sobald der Sicherheitsabstand von 2 Metern zwischen Gerät und Bediener unterschritten wird.
  • Wird der Sichtkontakt zwischen Gerät und Bediener unterbrochen, bleibt das Gerät sofort stehen. Das unkontrollierte Weiterfahren der Maschine wird dadurch verhindert.
  • Dank der Fernsteuerbarkeit des Geräts kann der Bediener abseits von Lärm, Staub und Abgas-Emissionen arbeiten. Im Gleisbau kann er eine sichere Position abseits der Gefahrenzone einnehmen. So ist ein sicheres, gesundes und komfortables Arbeiten möglich.

More Features

Split base plate of the vibratory plate DPU103r

Divided base plate

  • The divided base plate allows the machine to be controlled easily and precisely. Turning and maneuvering can be done without complication. This simplifies and accelerates work even in twisting and winding areas.
Robust steel frame of the vibratory plate DPU130r

Sturdy and durable

  • The vibratory plate is made of heavy-duty, wear resistant materials. Due to this, it achieves a long service life. For example, the base plate is made of nodular cast iron (GJS700).
  • Even after a longer operating time, the vibratory plate reaches a high resale value. Investment in this machine is thus very economical.
Two-piece, swiveling hood remoted-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r studio image

Excellent maintenance access due to the two-part swiveling hood.

  • The machine’s protective hood has two parts. This makes it easier to open and offers generous tool-free access to all important maintenance points.

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